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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid/Online Classes

    1. What is a hybrid class?
      Hybrid classes meet both online and face-to-face. For a class to be considered hybrid, at least a third of its meetings must take place online. If you are taking a hybrid class, you must attend all face-to-face meetings in addition to completing all online tasks and assignments.
    2. What is an online class?
      Online classes meet only online (although some might have some face-to-face component).
    3. What is the difference between a hybrid class and an online class?
      Hybrid classes have a regular face-to-face component while online classes meet predominantly online-only.
    4. How do I register for a hybrid/online class
      Go to the schedule of classes and search for a class you want to take. Hybrid/online classes will have a note below the SIMS code indicating if a class is hybrid or online.
    5. What do I do once I enroll in an online class?
      Check your LaGuardia email account. That is how your professor will most likely contact you. Also, look to see if your class is available in Blackboard.
    6. How do I get into Blackboard?
      Instructions can be found here.
    7. What are the technical requirements to take a hybrid/online class?
      The technical requirements can be found here.
    8. What do I do if I need help with adaptive technology?
      Contact the Office for Students with Disabilities.
    9. What are the minimum computer skills I need to take a hybrid/online class?
      To take a hybrid/online class, you'll need to know how to navigate the web, use Blackboard, create word-processed documents, and regularly check and use your LaGuardia email account. Individual classes might have additional requirements that your professor will explain to you at the start of the semester.
    10. When do hybrid online/classes start?
      Hybrid/online classes start with each semester. Even if your class has no face-to-face meetings scheduled, you still need to check and see what work is due.

    11. How do I drop a hybrid/online class?
      Use the same process you would use to drop any class. Hybrid/online classes have the same drop deadline as a face-to-face class. They need to be formally dropped. You cannot simply stop logging in.
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