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    Welcome to the Hybrid/Online Learning Center.

    This page is open to the entire college community and includes a plethora of resources to assist those faculty interested in using innovative technologies that engage students in a transformative mobile world of learning.

    The pen and notebook is slowly becoming as obsolete as the typewriter did in the early 1990s. Before the proliferation of online tools and mobile applications, students crowded into classrooms and learned by attending to information delivered by subject matter experts. They learned by listening and stored information by taking copious notes, so as not to "forget" what they learned. The only means by which students could prove they've gained the necessary knowledge delivered to them was through test taking, writing a paper, and possibly engaging in a group project and delivering a presentation. These methods proved to be effective as our world continued to move forward; hence the digital revolution that we are currently experiencing.

    Technology impacted industries in unprecedented ways, keeping businesses on their toes to remain competitive. The digital revolution affected how we conduct research, read books, listen to music, watch television, and even how we communicate. These technologies increased our quality of life, but in the process, some companies became dominant in the field while others quickly dissapeared. The technological revolution is set to impact education - how students learn and how teachers teach. Innovative pedagogy employs resources that engage the 21st century learner, and while traditional teaching methods are still effective, today's learners want to "see" what they're learning. They want to remember what they've learned not just by recalling information from a notebook, but by applying what they're learning to 'real-world' situations, by watching videos and demonstrations, and by exploring, sharing, and communicating what they're learning outside of the classroom.

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