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  • Practical Nursing Program Course Description

  •  SCL101 Fundamentals of Practical Nursing

    5 credits; 9 hours (3 lecture, 6 lab)  

    This course will assist students in gaining knowledge of essential nursing and procedures. The students develop skills in collecting data, diagnosis recognition, assisting the planning and implemen- tation of the care plan, performing procedures, handling equip- ment, and documenting client outcomes. Clinical experiences stress the development of fundamental nursing skills. Uniform, lia- bility insurance, physical examinations and CPR (BCLS) are required.

    Prerequisite: ENC/ENG101, MAT106, SCB204, SSY101
    Pre- or Corequisite: SSY240, SCL102, SCL103 

     SCL102 The Science & Art of Nursing I: Introduction to Practical Nursing

    3 credits; 5 hours (2 lecture, 3 lab)

    This course provides an overview of the history of nursing, com- munication principles, medical terminology and cultural concepts as they relate to understanding clients across the lifespan. The scope of practice of the Practical Nurse in a variety of health care settings will be defined and explored. Students will be exposed to computer assisted instruction (CAI) and Internet research methods as integral adjuncts to the teaching/learning process.

    Prerequisite: ENC/ENG101, MAT106, SCB204, SSY101
    Corequisite: SCL101, SCL103

     SCL103 Concepts in Pharmacology and Nutrition

    3 credits; 5 hours (2 lecture, 3 lab)

    This course will introduce principles of pharmacology and nutri- tion. The focus will be on the study of pharmacological classifica- tions, actions, therapeutic uses, and side effects of medications. Methods of nutrition delivery and drug and diet interactions will be addressed. Emphasis will be placed on the nursing process as it relates to the nurse’s responsibilities in the provision of nutritional therapeutics and the administration of medications to clients across the lifespan.

    Prerequisite: ENC/ENG101, MAT106, SCB204, SSY101
    Corequisite: SCL101, SCL102

     SCL105 Mental Health Nursing-PN

    3 credits; 14 hours (4 lecture, 10 lab)

    This course introduces the student to the mental health needs of individuals and families across the life span within a cultural context. The focus is on communication skills, mental health disorders and various treatment modalities. The changing profes- sional, legal, and ethical issues of practical nursing in the mental health setting are also explored. The students will be given the opportunity to develop increased personal insights about their own view of self and the world.

    Prerequisite: SCL101, SCL102, SCL103, SCL114
    Corequisite: SCL119

     SCL114 Parent-Child Nursing-PN

    6 credits; 26 hours (8 lecture, 20 lab)

    This course emphasizes the scope of practice of the practical nurse providing care to pregnant clients and families during antipartum, intrapartum and postpartum period. Utilizing a lifecycle approach, students assess and care for neonates and pediatric hospitalized clients and families in a holistic manner. Physical, psychosocial, growth and development and cultural aspects are central compo- nents of care. Clinical experiences will be provided to enable the student to transfer theory into practice.

    Prerequisite: SCL101, SCL102, SCL103, SSY240

     SCL118 Science and Art of Nursing II- Transition Student to PN

    2 credits; 2 hours (offered only in the 6-week session)

    This course is designed to help students clarify responsibilities and roles as new graduates. Students will be guided and supervised to identify performance standards and behaviors necessary to function safely and effectively as graduate practical nurses. Students will be assisted in developing critical thinking strategies required for success on the NCLEX-PN examination.

    Prerequisite: SCL114;
    Corequisite: SCL119

     SCL119 Medical-Surgical Nursing-PN

    7 credits; 20 hours (4 lecture, 16 lab)

    This course discusses common health problems and health alter- ations. The focus is on adult clients across the lifespan with an emphasis on the older adult with acute and chronic illnesses in a variety of health care settings. Nursing care within culturally sen- sitive environments will be emphasized. Students move through the course developing more advanced nursing care skills relating to medical-surgical conditions. Clinical experiences will take place in rehabilitation units and medical-surgical units.

    Prerequisite: SCL114;
    Corequisite: SCL118

  • Registered Nursing Program Course Description

  •  SCR100 LPN to RN Bridge Course

    3 credits; 5 hours

    This course provides a “bridge” for LPNs pursuing their RN licen- sure. Course content will include medical surgical and psychiatric nursing concepts. The nursing process and informed decision making are emphasized. Students will develop appropriate plans of care and emphasis will be placed on formulating expected out- comes.

    Prerequisite: SCB204, SCB260, SCC210, SSY240
    Corequisite: ENG102

     SCR110 Fundamentals of Nursing

    6 credits; 12 hours (3 lecture, 3 lab, 6 clinical)

    This course is an introduction to the five interrelated roles of the associate degree nurse, with emphasis on the role of provider of care. Students focus on the assessment and analysis phases of the nursing process to formulate nursing diagnoses. Campus labora- tory experiences stress the development of fundamental nursing skills. Clinical experiences in health facilities involve care of clients with health problems. A uniform, liability insurance, and physical examination are required.

    Prerequisite: CSE099, ENC/G101, ESL099, MAT096, SCB204, SCC210, SSY101
    Pre-corequisite: MAT120
    Corequisite: SCR150

     SCR150 Perspectives of Nursing

    1 credit; 1 hour

    This course focuses on historical influences on nursing. The evo- lution of the nursing profession within the health care delivery system will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on past nursing leaders and various types of nursing education.

    Prerequisite: CSE099, ENC/G101, MAT096, SCB203, SCB204, SCC210, SSY101
    Pre- or Corequisite: MAT120
    Corequisite: SCR110

     SCR200 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

    3 credits; 7 hours (1 lecture, 3 lab, 3 clinical)

    This course focuses on the psychosocial needs of clients through out the life cycle. The assessment of clients’ physical and behavioral responses to stress will be explored as well as the determination of goals for intervention. Focusing on the use of self as a therapeutic agent, students will learn techniques of intervention to promote and maintain clients’ mental health, as well as assist clients who are mentally ill. Experiences will be provided in psychiatric/mental health settings.

    Prerequisites: MAT120, SCB204, SCR110, SCR150, SSY240
    Pre-corequisite: SCB260
    Corequisite: SCR210

     SCR210 Medical Surgical Nursing I

    5 credits; 9 hours (3 lecture, 3 lab, 3 clinical)

    This course will focus on nursing care of adults with major health problems. Utilizing the nursing process, students will develop appropriate plans of care for clients. Emphasis will be placed on formulating goals for interventions. Heavy emphasis is placed on pharmacology.

    Prerequisite: MAT120, SCB204, SCR110, SCR150, SSY240
    Pre-Corequisite: SCB260
    Corequisite: SCR200

     SCR260 Trends in Nursing

    1 credit; 1 hour (1 lecture; 1 small ePortfolio lab)

    The course provides students with the opportunity to critically examine contemporary issues and trends and their impact on the nursing profession. Legal, ethical, cultural, social and leadership concepts will be examined. The role of the associate degree nurse and the transition from student status to member of the profession will be explored. This course, as the capstone course of the Registered Nursing Program, contains an ePortfolio technological component.

    Prerequisite: ENG102, SCR150

     SCR270 Parent-Child Health Nursing

    8 credits; 14 hours (5 lecture, 3 lab, 6 clinical)  

    This course focuses on the promotion of health and caring for childbearing families, their newborns, and children with major health problems from infancy to adolescence. Emphasis is placed on the implementation of nursing care plans. Experiential learning offers opportunities to provide care during the antepartal, intrapartal, and postpartal periods of the maternity cycle, as well as in the newborn and pediatric settings.

    Prerequisite: SCR200, SCR210, SCB260, SCR260
    Pre- or Corequisite: ENG102

     SCR290 Medical Surgical Nursing II

    9 credits, 19 hours (4 lecture, 3 lab, 12 clinical)  

    This course focuses on the care of adult clients whose ability to meet one or more health needs is severely compromised. Emphasis will be placed on the evaluation phase of the nursing process. Selected experiences will be provided in specialized acute care settings.

    Prerequisite: SCR270
    Corequisite: SCR260

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