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      Announcements :

      - API is offering help for students enrolled in MAT 099-117-119. Please check the following link for the schedule.

      Note: Schedules are subject to change and the API office E115Q has always the latest updated information.

      - MAE219 Thermodynamics I: Tutoring and problem solving sessions (Thursday from 1:00APM to 02:00PM Room E344)

      - MAT200 Final Review Sessions during the following dates/times:

      • Wednesday, November 23 at 2:30 - 3:45pm | Room E-107
      • Wednesday, November 30 at 4:00-5:15pm | Room E-146
      • Wednesday, December 7 at 2:30 - 3:45pm | Room E-107

      About MEC Tutoring

      The Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science Department offers tutoring for a wide range of advanced and entry-level courses.

      For lab schedules click on the room number links below, or visit our Lab Schedules page.

      Mathematics Tutoring

      • For General Tutoring go to the Mathematics Tutoring Center - Room MB-44.
      • For Free Online Tutoring information, to make an appointment for one-on-one sessions or group reviews, visit room MB-44.
      • For help with mathematics software, computer lab assignments and projects, visit the Mathematics Computer Center Office - Room MB-39, or check the Maple and SPSS Tutoring Schedule


      Contact Person  Room  Phone 
      Ladji Doumbia - Mathematics Tutoring Lab Director  MB-44 718-482-5713
      Alex Ibañez - CLT - Mathematics Tutoring    MB-44 718-482-5735
      George McCormack - Online Mathematics Tutoring  E-235B 718-482-5733
      Luis A. Gonzalez - Chief CLT - Mathematics Computer Center   MB-39 718-482-5730
      Yvens Valere - CLT - Mathematics Computer Center  MB-94 718-349-4062
      Maria Cristina Lozano - Adjunct CLT - Mathematics Computer Center   MB-39 718-482-5730


      Engineering Tutoring

      • For Tutoring and help with assignments and projects, visit the Engineering Lab - Room E344.


      Contact Person  Room  Phone 
      Abdellah Ait Elmouden- CLT   E344 718-482-5948


      Computer Science Tutoring

      • For Tutoring and help with assignments and projects, visit the Computer Science Labs Office - Room B328.


      Contact Person  Room  Phone 
      Mercedes Acosta- Chief CLT   E235S 718-349-4044
      Walter De La Torre- Senior CLT   B328 718-349-4054
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