• M.E.C. Department
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    Dr. Yves Ngabonziza

    Program Director

    LaGuardia Community College
    MEC Dept
    Room : E235I
    P : (718)-482-6178
    E : yngabonziza@lagcc.cuny.edu

  • Engineering FAQs

  •  Q. What GPA do I need to transfer to CCNY?
    A. You need a 2.7 overall GPA and GPA of 2.5 in math, physics, and chemistry courses and a grade of C or higher every time you take any math or science course.
     Q. If I am an EE major, do I have to take Chemistry II (SCC202)?

    A. EE majors should not take SCC202, they should take Probability (MAT221) instead. 


     Q. Do I have to go for advisement?
    A. Yes, all engineering students should go for advisement in order to achieve a smooth transition to CCNY.
     Q. Do I need to attend the orientation at CCNY?
    A. Yes, you should attend the orientation at CCNY, the orientation for LaGuardia students in particular.
     Q. Who is my contact at CCNY?
    A. Contacts at CCNY are Dean Laurent Mars and Dr. Meg Krudysz, Director of the Dual-Joint Program.
     Q. Do I have to fill out an application to transfer to CCNY?

    A. Yes, you have to fill out the online application in CUNY Portal to secure a place at CCNY. 


     Q. Do I have to attend engineering activities?
    A. Yes, you should attend engineering activities (engineering club, etc) because you will get an opportunity to meet peers, advisors from CCNY and representatives from companies that offer internships, etc.
     Q.What is he deadline to apply for transfer to CCNY?
    A. The deadline is Jan 31st for Fall transfer application and Sept 15th for Spring transfer application.
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