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  • FREE Computer Training For Students, Faculty & Staff 

    The goal of the Training team at ISMD department is to provide timely and structured learning experiences, operational training and career development programs to all Students, Faculty and Staff of LaGuardia Community College.

    "Microsoft Imagine Academy"

    CUNY has an enterprise license with Microsoft that includes their IT Academy inventory of Microsoft Online Learning self-paced training for over 1,400 courses.  Access to these course is at no charge for all CUNY faculty, staff, and students.

    To use this resource, you will first need a Microsoft Live account.  Once you have an account, you can access the online courses as follows:

    1.  To sign in for the first time, click on:  


    2.  For returning user sign in, click on:  https://itacademy.microsoft.com?whr=uri:MicrosoftAccount

    After signing in, you’ll be able to:

     - See which courses are offered to you.

     - Customize your personal list of courses.

     - See which courses you’ve completed.

     - Print certificates after course completion.

      Once you have signed in for the first time, you can access the site by using the returning user sign in link above.



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