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     Q - What are new features available to students and staff with the CUNYfirst?

    Q - How to Claim Your Account on CUNYfirst?

    Q - How to login to your account?
    Go to https://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu 

    Q - What does staff login look like?
    Q - What does student login look like?
    A - It looks the same for both.

    Q - What are the steps to enroll and drop a class? 

    Q - How can we resolve login issues?
    A - Open a ticket here

    Q - What is information does not match Information does not match issues?
    A - Open a ticket here:

    Q - How can a student change information in their account such as Password and General profile info?

    Q - How to search for classes? Find open sections…

    Q - How do students view their schedule after selecting classes?

    Q - How can students review their Bill after enrolling for classes?

    Q - How can we look up a student’s account if they don’t have their EMPLID?
    You should be able to look up a Student also by First Name, Last Name & National ID.

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