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  • Digital Badges

    As a way to align ourselves with new technology and popular trends it is vital that we make the students aware and encourage their accomplishments. Digital Badges are becoming a popular way to acknowledge professional skills. Additionally, Badges could be used to recognize, assess, motivate and evaluate learning. Our goal is to help implement this system, create and distribute authentic badges for students that have successful completed multiple levels of administered workshops, including CS5 and Microsoft Office applications.


    Implementation of Badges

    In order to receive a Master Badge the student must finish 12 workshops in respective areas (12 MS Office workshops and/or 12 New Media CS5 workshops).

    Finally, upon receiving a Badge all students will be acknowledged via the LaGuardia’s ISMD Facebook Page. This update will also serve as an authentication of rewarded Badge.

    Alternatively you can receive a Badge by completing the MOOCs we created on Udemy (one of the leading platforms for MOOCs). For CS5 Training MOOC click here for Microsoft office Training MOOC click here.

    While coming to class and completing the workshops face-to-face it is a fantastic opportunity only for LaGuardia Community College students to receive Badges, completing the MOOCs will enable us to offer the badges to everyone including Faculty, Staff and since this is a MOOC, Digital badges will be offered also to open public all around the world.


  • Workflow Process For Obtaining The Digital Badge


  • Obtainable Badges Upon Workshop Completion



    Upon completion of said program all students will be acknowledged via the LaGuardia ISMD Facebook wall. In this Acknowledgement and Authentication of rewarded badge, others will be able to view your achievements which will include your Full Name, Badge and Date awarded. By submitting the form you agree that your Full Name will be posted on our Facebook Page for Authentication purposes.

    For any questions, comments or concerns please visit us at B333A

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