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Statement from President Gail O. Mellow about the President’s Decision to End DACA

Long Island City, NY (September 5, 2017)—The Dreamers are our students, our neighbors. The President’s decision to end DACA creates unnecessary insecurity and runs contrary to our history as a nation built by immigrants.

At campuses across the nation, Dreamers rely on DACA to work, to pay for school, to build a better life for themselves and their families.

We want all LaGuardia Community College students to know that we’re dedicated to ensuring a safe, secure, and welcoming learning environment, where their privacy and human rights are protected.

At Immigrant Support our students can obtain up-to-date information and learn where they, and their family members, can get immigration advice and support.

The doors of higher education are and will remain open to all at LaGuardia Community College. We stand ready to help any student pursue their educational and career dreams.

As echoed by the Chancellor’s message, and by college leaders around the country, I strongly urge Congress and the courts to overturn today’s calamitous decision by President Trump. We owe it to our students and our neighbors to protect and retain DACA, which is vital to our country’s values and communities.