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     LaGuardia Community College
           Department of Health Sciences
           31-10 Thomson Avenue 
           Long Island City, NY 11101
     E-300  (718) 482-5774 
                        (718) 482-5740 

            C-252  (718) 482-5470 


  • The Department of Health Sciences welcomes questions from prospective students. Please visit the program websites for specific information on entry requirements and courses in the program. If you need additional information, contact the Program Director or Coordinator directly for further information about a degree program:



    Meghan Williams
    EMT / Paramedic Program Coordinator
    Office: C-339
    Phone: (718) 482-5327
    E-mail: mewilliams@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Rosann Ippolito
    Director of Food and Nutrition Programs
    Office: E-300-O
    Phone: (718) 482-5973
    E-mail: ippolitoro@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Les Gallo-Silver
    Director of Human Services
    Office: E-300-V
    Phone (718) 482-5756
    E-mail: lgallo@lagcc.cuny.edu  
    Lisa O’Donnell
    Coordinator of Practical Nursing Program
    Office: E-300-C
    Phone (718)482-5248
    E-mail: lodonnell@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Deborah McMillan Coddington
    Coordinator of LPN to RN Pathway
    Office: E-300-S 
    Phone (718)482-5312
    E-mail dmcmillan@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Kathleen Karsten
    Director of Nursing Programs
    Office: E-300-X
    Phone (718)482-5782
    E-mail: kkarsten@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Regina Lehman
    Director of Occupational Therapist Assistant
    Office: E-300-I
    Phone (718)482-5775
    E-mail: rlehman@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Clarence Chan
    Director of Physical Therapist Assistant Program
    Office: E-300-Q 
    Phone (718)482-5943
    E-mail: cchan@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Theresa Licari
    Director of Radiologic Technology Program
    Office: C-252
    Phone (718)482-5597
    E-mail: tlicari@lagcc.cuny.edu 
    Tara Scales
    Director of Veterinary Technology Program
    Office: C-252 
    Phone (718)482-5719
    E-mail: tscales@lagcc.cuny.edu  
    Herbert Samuels 
    Coordinator of Health Sciences
    Office: E-300-BB
    Phone (718) 482-5742
    E-mail: hsamuels@lagcc.cuny.edu  
    David Bimbi
    Community Health
    Office: E-300-W
    Phone (718) 482-5759
    E-mail: dbimbi@lagcc.cuny.edu 
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LaGuardia Community College
31-10 Thomson Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101
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