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  •  Dietetics

    • SCD007 Co-op Prep-Dietetic Technician 

    • SCD100 Foods 

    • SCD107 Careers in Food and Nutrition 

    • SCD200 Introductory Nutrition 

    • SCD201 Clinical Nutrition A 

    • SCD202 Clinical Nutrition B 

    • SCD203 Life Cycle Nutrition 

    • SCD205 Introduction to Culinary Arts 

    • SCD206 Applied Dietetics 

    • SCD221 Dietetic Field Experience II 

    • SCD222 Dietetic Field Experience III 

    • SCD250 Production Management 

    • SCD251 Principles of Sanitation 

    • SCD252 Quantity Food Purchasing 

    • SCD253 Foodservice Administration 

    • SCD260 Dietetic Field Experience I 

    • SCD266 Foodservice Management Internship 

    • SCN240 Food and Culture 

     Food Service Management Program

    • SCD100 Foods 

    • SCD107 Careers in Food and Nutrition 

    • SCD200 Introductory Nutrition 

    • SCD205 Introductory to Culinary Arts 

    • SCD250 Production Management 

    • SCD251 Principles of Sanitation 

    • SCD252 Quantity Food Purchasing 

    • SCD253 Foodsevice Management 

    • SCD254 Dining Management  

    • SCN240 Food and Culture  

    • SCD266 Foodservice Management Internship 


    • SCH111 Aging and Health 

    • SCH150 Drugs and Behavior 

    • SCH160 Health and Wellness 

    • SCH210 Human Sexuality 

     Human Services

    • HSC101 Orientation to Human Services 

    • HSC102 Principles of Human Relations 

    • HSC130 Activities for Human Services Settings 

    • HSC135 Human Services Roles and Systems 

    • HSC160 Conflict Resolution 

    • HSC203 Human Services Internship and Seminar 1 

    • HSE105 Understanding and Working with Children with Disabilities 

    • HSG150 Introduction to Gerontological Services 

    • HSM120 Survey of Psychological Treatment Approaches 

    • HSM125 AIDS-Related Case Management 

    • HSM140 Principles of Child Welfare Services 

    • HSM204 Human Services Internship and Seminar 2 

    • HSN103 Community Dynamics: Impact on Human Services 

    • HSN110 Perspectives on Homelessness 

    • HSS014 Co-op Prep-Human Services 

    • HSS101 Introduction to Human Services 

    • HSS102 Principles of Human Services 

    • HSS104 Human Services Practice 


    • SCL101 Fundamentals of Practical Nursing 

    • SCL102 The Science & Art of Nursing I: Introduction to Practical Nursing 

    • SCL103 Concepts in Pharmacology and Nutrition 

    • SCL105 Mental Health Nursing-PN 

    • SCL114 Parent-Child Nursing-PN 

    • SCL118 Science and Art of Nursing II- Transition Student to PN 

    • SCL119 Medical-Surgical Nursing-PN 

    • SCR100 LPN to RN Bridge Course 

    • SCR110 Fundamentals of Nursing 

    • SCR150 Perspectives of Nursing 

    • SCR200 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 

    • SCR210 Medical Surgical Nursing I 

    • SCR260 Trends in Nursing 

    • SCR270 Parent-Child Health Nursing 

    • SCR290 Medical Surgical Nursing II 

     Occupational Therapy

    • SCO101 Introduction to Occupational Therapy 

    • SCO110 Legal and Ethical Issues in Occupational Therapy 

    • SCO114 Documentation for Occupational Therapy 

    • SCO175 Clinical Reasoning in Occupational Therapy 

    • SCO200 Physical Aspects of Human Growth and Development 

    • SCO204 OT Process: Psychosocial and Geriatric Conditions 

    • SCO205 OT Process: Physical and Developmental Disabilities 

    • SCO214 OT Skills and Functional Activities I 

    • SCO215 OT Skills and Functional Activities II 

    • SCO230 Functional Pathology 

    • SCO284 OT Clerkship for Psychosocial/Geriatric Conditions  

    • SCO285 OT Clerkship for Physical/Development Disabilities 

    • SCO294 OT Fieldwork in Psychosocial/Geriatric Conditions 

    • SCO295 OT Fieldwork: Physical/Development Disabilities 


    • SCE100 Emergency Medical Technician-Basic 

    • SCE230 Paramedic I 

    • SCE231 Paramedic II 

    • SCE232 Paramedic III 

    • SCE233 Paramedic IV 

     Physical Therapy

    • SCT101 Introduction to Physical Therapy 

    • SCT102 Ethical Concepts for Physical Therapist Assistants 

    • SCT203 Clinical Kinesiology 

    • SCT211 Therapeutic Procedures I 

    • SCT212 Therapeutic Procedures II 

    • SCT220 Mobility Skills in Physical Therapy 

    • SCT221 Functional Gait Training Skills 

    • SCT230 Orthopedic Therapeutic Exercise 

    • SCT231 Neuromuscular Rehabilitation 

    • SCT290 Physical Therapist Assistant Clinical Affiliation and Seminar I 

    • SCT291 Physical Therapist Assistant Clinical Affiliation & Seminar II 

    • SCT292 Physical Therapist Assistant Clinical Affiliation & Seminar III 

     Radiologic Technology

    • SCX101 Radiologic Technology I 

    • SCX102 Radiologic Technology II 

    • SCX105 Radiographic Procedures I 

    • SCX106 Radiographic Positioning and Procedures II 

    • SCX109 Clinical Practicum I 

    • SCX110 Principles of Radiographic Exposure I 

    • SCX111 Principles of Radiographic Exposure II 

    • SCX119 Clinical Practicum II 

    • SCX129 Clinical Practicum III 

    • SCX201 Radiologic Technology III 

    • SCX205 Radiographic Procedures III 

    • SCX209 Clinical Practicum IV 

    • SCX219 Clinical Practicum V 

    • SCX229 Clinical Practicum VI 

    • SCX240 Cross Sectional Anatomy 

    • SCX245 Pathology and Fracture Radiography 

    • SCX250 Imaging Modalities I 

    • SCX251 Imaging Modalities II 

    • SCX260 Film Evaluation and Critique 


    • SCN194 AIDS in New York City 

    • SCN195 Community Health 

     Veterinary Technology

    • SCV101 Introduction to Veterinary Technology 

    • SCV150 Principles of Animal Control 

    • SCV201 Research Animal Technology 

    • SCV210 Veterinary Nursing I 

    • SCV211 Veterinary Nursing II 

    • SCV212 Veterinary Radiography 

    • SCV213 Veterinary Laboratory Techniques 

    • SCV214 Farm Animal Nursing 

    • SCV220 Principles of Exotic Animal Medical Care 

    • SCV231 Part-Time Research Internship 

    • SCV234 Full-Time Clinical Internship 

    • SCV245 Theory and Practice of Transgenic Techniques 

    • SCV247 Veterinary Pathophysiology 

    • SCV262 Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology 

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