Attending LaGuardia is an investment in your future and you don’t have to break the bank doing it! We make getting a high-quality education affordable. 69% of full-time students receive some form of financial aid and 93% of our graduates have no student loan debt.

    Below is the estimated amount of costs to attend LaGuardia.


    Net Calculator

    Academic Status *New York City/State Resident Tuition
    (Per Semester)
    Out of City/State Resident & International Student Tuition
    (Per Semester)
    Student Fees Application Fees
    Full-Time $2,400 (12 or more tuition units) $320 (Per tuition unit no maximum cap) $208.45 $65.00 (Freshman)
    $70.00 (Transfer)
    Part-Time $210 (Per tuition units to a maximum of $2,400) $320 (Per tuition unit) $104.95 $65.00 (Freshman)
    $70.00 (Transfer)
    Non-Degree $265 (Per tuition unit no maximum cap) $420 (Per tuition unit no maximum cap) $208.45 (full-time)
    $104.95 (part-time)
    Non-Degree Senior Citizens (60 and Older)
      Consolidated Fee: $15.00
    Administrative Fee (per Session) $65.00

    Note: This table does not include mandatory fees. The table reflects tuition only. For more information about mandatory fees, please check the table above.

    *New York State residents must submit a Certificate of Residency from their County Treasurer’s Office to qualify for this rate; otherwise Out-of-State rates apply.

    Matriculated Students
    Non-Degree Students
    $2,400 (12 or more tuition units)
    $320 (Per tuition unit no maximum cap)
    $65.00 (Freshman)
    $70.00 (Transfer)
    More than 12
    $each additional credit: 0.00
    $each additional credit: 320.00
    $each additional credit: 265.00
    $each additional credit: 420.00

    Students Living at Home or With Relatives
    Total Amount
    Books and Supplies
    Personal Expenses
    Room and Board

    Tuition and fees vary depending on your residency status and the number of credits you take. As described in CUNY’s University & Tuition Fee Manual, there are basic requirements a student must fulfill to qualify for the in-state tuition rate as a resident of the State or City of New York.

    In addition, certain non-residents, including those who are undocumented or out-of-status students, are eligible for the resident tuition rate based on their attendance and graduation from a New York State high school or receipt of a GED or TASC in the state of New York. For more information, visit Part I – B of the Manual’s Residency page (Part I – B can be found in the left side navigation of the Residency page).

    If you are a New York State resident who is not a City of New York resident, you must obtain a Certificate of Residence from your County Clerk’s Office prior to registering. To obtain a Certificate of Residency, please follow the directions below.

    1. Click on the appropriate link to your county below.

    2. Complete the Certificate of Residence application.

    3. Have the application form NOTARIZED.

    4. Submit the notarized form, plus proof of residency required by your County to your local county clerk. The clerk will issue you a Certificate of Residency.

    5. BRING the CERTIFICATE issued by the county clerk to the Bursar's Office

    Important Message: You must refer to your county’s guidelines for specific rules and application deadlines. In addition, please note that Residency Certificates are only valid for 1 year. Unfortunately, you will not be permitted to register without a Certificate of Residency on file.

    For more parking information Click Here 

    STUDENTS: 1098T Notice
    Please review your 1098T notice on the Student Self-Service page as we have made a number of corrections made to 1098T forms since it was mailed to you earlier in the year.

    A copy of the revised 1098T is available in Student Self Service. If you spot a discrepancy when reviewing your 1098T on Self-Service, please contact us immediately at 718-482-7226, by email, bursar@lagcc.cuny.edu or you can visit us at the Bursar's office located in room C-110. If required, an updated form will be available on the 1098T Self-Service section once the discrepancy is resolved.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: 1098T forms have been mailed out. 1098T forms will be mailed to the current address we have on file on your CUNYfirst account. Please make sure you have the correct address on file to ensure you receive your 1098T in a timely manner. A 1098T form is issued to students who make payments on their tuition and fees within a calendar year. Payments made for prior calendar year semester are NOT included on a current 1098T form. Students who have financial aid, grants, scholarships, etc will only receive a 1098T when they pay an amount in excess of these funds towards their tuition.

    To learn to how to access your 1098-T Click here

    1098-T FAQs
    1098-T Form Box Description


    We are committed to helping you and your family finance your education in a way that best suits your individual needs. Please check your “Total Due” and payment date on CUNYfirst. Review the information below to help choose the payment option that is right for you.

    Apply for Financial Aid

    You may be eligible for financial aid, including grants, loans, scholarships and work-study employment opportunities. If you haven't already, complete the financial aid application as soon as possible.

    Pay for your tuition and fees in full with cash, check and/or money order.

    Save your computerized receipt as proof of payment.

    Checks/Money Orders
    Make your checks and/or money order payable to "LaGuardia Community College." Please include your eight digit EMPLID number. If your check is returned by the bank you will incur a $20.00 reprocessing fee, and will be required to make all subsequent payments by cash or certified check.

    NOTE: For your convenience you can mail your check or money order to the Bursar's Office or you can drop your payment in the drop box located next to the Bursar's window.

    Drop Box
    Please only use the drop box for check and money order payments. The drop box is located outside the Bursar's window (Room C-110). Envelopes are available above the drop box.

    Instead of paying each semester's bill all at once, the Nelnet payment plan allows you to stretch payments over a period of months.

    How To Enroll
    • Log into CUNYfirst, go to HR Campus Solutions, click on Self-Service and go to your Student Center
    • Go to Finances and select Enroll/Manage Payment Plan

    A few things to keep in mind before you enroll:
    • The earlier you enroll, the lower your monthly payments since the total amount will be divided over more scheduled payments.
    • Your semester classes will be protected.
    • Nelnet accepts: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex. You may also pay with your checking or savings account online.
    • No cash accepted under any circumstances.
    • This is an interest-free payment plan, not a loan.

    The enrollment fee for Nelnet is only…
    • $40.00 per semester for monthly e-check payments, plus your 1st payment.
    • $95 per semester for monthly credit or debit cards payments plus your 1st payment.
    • All payments after your first payment are automatically withdrawn from your account on the remaining scheduled payment dates which will be on the 1st of every month.
    • Nelnet representatives are not on campus, but if you need assistance enrolling in the payment plan the Bursar staff, in Room C-111, will be readily available to assist you or call Nelnet at 888-470-6014

    Apply for a LaGuardia Community College Foundation Scholarship
    The Foundation has scholarships ranging from $500 to $5,000 to help you pay for school. The application is simple and easy.

    Third Party Voucher from your employer or sponsor
    Obtain a voucher from your employer or sponsor and present it prior to your payment due date. NOTE: This option is applicable only when the College is authorized to directly bill the employer or sponsor. Employee reimbursement plans are not considered third party.

    Please note:

    As of March 2016, the College no longer accepts credit or debit cards to make payments directly to the College for tuition or fees. Use one of the payment options above to settle your tuition bill.

    It is important that you make every effort to settle your tuition bill by the due date to protect your semester registration. Review dates.

    We are here to help.
    If you have questions about your tuition bill, please contact the Bursar's Office at 718-482-7226 or Bursar@lagcc.cuny.edu.



    After February 22, 2018 


    Immediately (Upon Registration)



    Now – April 30, 2018 
    May 1 - May 24, 2018 
    May 25 - June 11, 2018 
    After June 11, 2018 


    Monday, May 21, 2018 
    Monday, June 4, 2018 
    Monday, June 11, 2018 
    Immediately (Upon Registration)
    Note: If you enrolled in a Nelnet payment plan, please follow your payment plan schedule.