• Faculty Scholars Publication Workshop

  • The Faculty Scholars Publication Workshop is a year-long faculty development seminar designed to assist LaGuardia faculty in their scholarly writing and publication.

    The Workshop seeks to help faculty scholars complete current academic writing projects and place them in external, peer-reviewed publications.  The Workshop builds on the work undertaken in the Carnegie Seminar and In Transit, but is distinct in two key ways: 

    1)      While Carnegie and In Transit focus particularly on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), the Faculty Scholars Publication Workshop encompasses both SoTL projects AND traditional disciplinary scholarship.  We understand a heterogeneous approach to scholarship as a strength and a reflection of the College’s broader approach to faculty scholarship.

    2)      Second, while those programs start with inquiry and research, building a research project, the Workshop is focused primarily on moving existing scholarly projects to completion and external publication.  The Workshop will use peer critique processes to help faculty strengthen and finish writing projects that are already underway and close to completion.

    These defining characteristics should guide those considering the Center’s scholarship-focused programs.  Participation in the Faculty Scholars Publication Workshop is contingent on having a research/writing project well underway.

    The Faculty Scholars Publication Workshop has evolved out of the Interdepartmental Faculty Scholarly Writing Group, an informal support group initiated by Nancy Berke and Ting Man Tsao in the academic year 2006-2007. This group was modeled on CUNY’s Faculty Fellowship Publication Program (FFPP). LaGuardia faculty scholars from various disciplines—ranging from Accounting to Humanities, from Mathematics to English, from Library to Co-op—came together to read, critique, and support one another’s writing within their respective fields. Participants benefiting from the group’s support have revised and submitted their work to peer-reviewed journals and anthologies, and some of their submissions have already been published.

    Designed around peer critique and exchange, the Workshop will require participants to support each others’ preparations for peer-reviewed publication through constructive criticism and exchange.  The process will include careful reading of article drafts, peer discussion, and, very importantly, written comments. It will also include a conversation about identifying publication venues and the submission process. The group facilitators will be available for individual consultation.