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    See what satisfied users of E503 have to say about the College’s multipurpose media center.

    Professor Sandra Dickinson, Humanities Department
    I have had the good fortune to make extensive use of 503 and to interact with the outstanding staff that operates that room. As a specialist in phonetics, I have been especially happy with results of the recordings my students have done in that room. With the guidance and the technical expertise of ISMD staffer Siu Tin, my students and I have created final oral projects of high visual and sound quality in Communication and the Non-native Speaker and Voice and Diction. With Mr. Tin, I also created two narratives as teaching tools. 

    The most remarkable project, however, was the creation of a CD with my Phonetics students. The quality of sound which came through on the CD showcased not only phonetic phrases with great clarity, but also highlighted individual phonemes—including plosives, fricatives, and clicks! Each project accomplished in room E503 was an achievement \which benefited the teaching/learning experience in a unique way.

    Assistant Professor Nalband Hussain, Natural Sciences Department
    The recording of my lecture using the upgraded Polycom system we have in E503 will be used in the hybrid online course, I am teaching for SCC 210. I have shown the videos I have recorded with your help to my colleagues Dr. Mara Entezari and Dr. Ian Alberts. They were quite impressed by the way it can help the hybrid online and online courses for Biology and Chemistry.

    My hybrid online students have mentioned that the video recordings are very helpful.

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