• Our goal is to assist students on their path towards success. The Student Information Center utilizes technology to guide students as they take their first steps into the college and continue to shed light throughout their journey.  


    Listed below are some of the typical student inquires that we receive, followed by the avenues that the Student Information Center takes to foster their success. 



    1. I received my acceptance letter. It mentioned VIP. What is VIP?
    The VIP page has been developed as your personal resource guide to support you through the enrollment process.

    2. How do I pay for college? 

    We will gladly go over the several payment options at your disposal including financial aid and an interest free payment plan.

    3. How do I decide what classes I’m taking this term?
    To help you choose your classes, we will refer you to the appropriate advisor depending on your needs.

    4. When do I register for classes?
    We will notify you by email and text message regarding your registration appointment.

    5. I received a call about graduation. What’s up? 

    We reached out to you as a courtesy to remind you to register for Intent to Graduate


    What is Live@LaGuardia and why should we encourage students to use it?   

    Live@LaGuardia is the college’s email system. It is the main communication resource to deliver messages to students. By encouraging students to read their email they will be better informed and more connected to the college community thereby be more successful.


    How can the Student Information Center help promote our department’s agenda?  

    The Student Information Center can support your area’s initiatives by notifying and reminding students of your area’s services. We can send out emails and text messages to your targeted students. Also, if your message needs a personal touch we will gladly reach out to them over the phone. Additionally, we can feature your area in the Student News which is published throughout the year. 


    Let's be Ahh-maze-ing Together!


    Contact  Us: sicmanagers@lagcc.cuny.edu, or call Loretta Capuano at ext. 5186.



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