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    If you feel a student is a threat to themselves and/or the college community, you can refer the student to the Student Behavioral Intervention Team (SBIT) by completing this form and clicking the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of the page.


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    Incident Information: Student(s) 
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    Incident Location:          Incident Time:  
    Did incident happen during classroom / in the library / lobby / cafeteria / other?
    Any Witnesses? (students, employee, others)
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    Relationship to Students:                
    If Other: (explain)                               


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    Do you believe this student is at risk for harming him/herself?
    Do you believe this student is at risk for harming others?

    Have you reported these concerns to anyone on campus?

    If “Yes”, to whom did you report these concerns and when?
    Have you spoken to the student about these concerns?
    If “Yes”, please describe how the conversation went. Incidents Detail/additional comments:



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