Announcing the 2016-17 Seminars!
For 2016-2017, the CTL’s professional development program will offer multiple opportunities for LaGuardia faculty to improve their knowledge and skills while strengthening the College’s key strategic directions and exploring compelling contemporary themes. Digital Learning and the Core Competencies will take center stage in this effort, while at the same time we continue the critical work of fostering first-year student success and strengthening team-based advisement.
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Engaging Web 2.0 Resources and Technologies for Active e-Learning, e-Mentorship, and Collaboration: A CTL Mini-Seminar/Workshop Series 
This mini-seminar will revisit the notion of social learning via Web 2.0 resources and introduce a number of online resources and technology tools that enhance teaching and learning and can be used in various courses across the disciplines in both traditional and hybrid settings. Tools discussed in the seminar will include the wiki-based Piazza Q&A platform, the Educreations App, Slack and its integration with GoogleDocs/Dropbox, Blackboard Collaborate, Digication’s Conversations, Screencast-O-Matic, and Livescribe Smartpen.