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  •  1. Will tuition rates increase for the Fall 2015 semester?

    Effective Fall 2015 CUNY Board of Trustees has declared a tuition increase for ALL CUNY Colleges.


    What does this mean for you as a LaGuardia student?

    Tuition will increase $15.00 per credit/tuition unit.


    If you are a a NYC resident and a Full-time Matriculated student (12 credits or more), your tuition for the semester will not exceed $2400.00. This does not include any student fees associated with tuition.


    If you are a student that receives financial aid, your PELL and TAP awards will be adjusted accordingly to absorb the additional tuition increase.


    Please visit our Tuition and Fees page for a full list of Tuition Rates and Student Fees.


     2. How can I settle my bill?

    Settling your bill can be done in one or more of the following ways:

    1. By covering tuition and fees with financial aid. Financial aid are estimated values until payment is received by college.
    2. Effective March 13, 2016, you will no longer be able to use a credit or debit card to make payments directly to LAGCC for  tuition or fees. As of this date, only cash, check, or money order will be accepted for payment at the Bursar’s Office, C Building Room 110.
    3. By using interest-free monthly payment plan. NOTE: Enrollment for NELNET is only $40.00 plus your initial down payment. (Effective Fall 2015)
      Representatives will no longer be on campus. The Bursar Self-Service Center located in room C-111 will be available for students to sign up for a NELNET tuition payment plan. Bursar staff members will be readily available to assist you.

      Click here for NELNET website
    4. By a Third Party Voucher from your employer or sponsor; obtain a voucher from your employer or sponsor and present it prior to your payment due date. NOTE: This option is applicable only when the college is authorized to directly bill the employer or sponsor. Employee reimbursement plans are not considered third party. 

    Students who have not made an effort to settle their bills by the due date may have their registration cancelled. In order to ensure class reservations for the semester, try to complete your registration and bill settlement as soon as you can but NO LATER THAN THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON THE ASSIGNED DUE DATE.

    Be sure to write your CUNYfirst ID number and the semester on the front of your check or money order made payable to "LaGuardia Community College." The Bursar’s office will provide you with a receipt for the amount paid. Do not remit cash through the mail or the drop box located outside the Bursar Office. Students whose checks are returned by the bank will be subject to a $20.00 reprocessing fee, and will be required to make all subsequent payments by cash or certified checks.


     3. What happens if I fail to settle my bill by the due date?
    Your registration may be cancelled. A late registration fee ($25) may be charged to re-register. To avoid having your course(s) cancelled, remember to settle your bill by the due date. The Bursar’s Office staff is available to assist you with any questions you have concerning your bill payment.
     4. What happens if I joined NELNET and my financial aid is approved afterwards?
    Once your financial aid is approved by the college and the financial aid awards are sufficient to pay the rest of your tuition balance, you may contact NELNET or Bursar to cancel your plan. There is no penalty.
     5. What if I cannot pay my entire balance?
    The City University of New York has contracted with an outside agency, NELNET, to administer a tuition payment plan to students.

    There is only a $40.00 enrollment fee plus your initial down payment. By applying early, payments can be spread over five months beginning in July for the Fall semester and beginning in December for the Spring semester.

    During regular registration,Bursar representatives at the self service center (C-111) will be ready to assist you with questions regarding the payment plan.

    Further information can be obtained via their website.
     6. Where do I file for a refund?
    Refunds are processed automatically by CUNY on a weekly basis. This does not include regular Title IV (PELL) disbursements.
     7. How can I settle my bill with a Third Party Voucher?
    To settle your bill by this method, obtain a voucher from your employer or sponsor and present it at the time of bill payment. Third party vouchers are applicable only when the college is authorized to directly bill the company. Employee reimbursement plans are not considered third party.
     8. Where is the Bursar's Office located?
    The Bursar's Office is located in the C Building, room C-110. For more information click here.
     9. Where is the Financial Aid Office?

    Student Financial Services is located in room C-107

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