•  Accounting

    • BTA109 Principles of Accounting I, Part 1 

    • BTA110 Principles of Accounting I, Part 2 

    • BTA111/BTB111 Principles of Accounting I 

    • BTA112 Principles of Accounting II 

    • BTA130 Accounting Applications for the Microcomputer 

    • BTA150 Individual Income Tax Procedures 

    • BTA201 Intermediate Accounting I 

    • BTA202 Intermediate Accounting II 

    • BTA210 Cost Accounting I 

    • BTA211 Cost Accounting II 

     Administrative Assistant

    • BTO116 Essential Computer Skills 

    • BTO125 Terminology for Medical Office Support Personnel 

    • BTO132 Keyboarding II Production Formatting 

    • BTO133 Keyboarding III Advanced Production Formatting 

    • BTO141 C-Print I 

    • BTO142 C-Print II 

    • BTO155 Word Processing I 

    • BTO156 Word Processing II 

    • BTO170 Computerized Medical Information Management 

    • BTO260 Business Communications 

    • BTO270 Electronic Office Procedures 

     Aviation Management

    • BTV160 Introduction to Aviation Business 

    • BTV161 Introduction to Aviation Management 

    • BTV162 Introduction to Aviation Operations 


    • BTM101/BTB101 Introduction to Business

    • BTM102 Principles of Finance

    • BTM103 Principles of Management

    • BTM104 Principles of Marketing

    • BTM108 Principles of Real Estate

    • BTM110 Business Law I

    • BTM111 Business Law II

    • BTM115 Basics of Advertising

    • BTM116 Introduction to E-Business

    • BTM120 Office and Personnel Management

    • BTM140 Introduction to Credit Management

    • BTM141 Financial Statement Analysis

    • BTM142 Accounts Receivable Financing

    • BTM150 Organizing and Operating a Small Business

    • BTM155 Principles of Personal Selling

    • BTM251 Launching New Business Ventures

    • BTM252 Entrepreneurial Finance

    • BTM253 Entrepreneurial Strategy

    • BTM260 Principles of International Business

    • BTM261 Export/Import Procedure and Documentation

    • BTM262 Global Marketing

    • BTM263 International Finance

    • BTM264 Marketing on the Internet

    • BTM265 Consumer Finance

    • BTN195 Profile and Prospects of Business in New York City

     Homeland Security

    • BTS101 Introduction to Homeland Security 

    • BTS102 Intelligence Analysis & Security Management 

    • BTS103 Transportation and Border Control 


    • BTI121 People, Work and Organizations 

    • BTI151 Business Exploration Internship 

    • BTI201 Business Internship 

    • BTI202 Business Internship II 


    Click here to learn more about the Paralegal Studies Degree

    • BTP101 Introduction to Paralegal Studies 

    • BTP201 Administrative Law 

    • BTP202 Wills, Trusts and Estates 

    • BTP203 Family Law 

    • BTP204 Legal Research and Writing 

    • BTP205 Civil Litigation 

    • BTP207 Real Estate Law for Paralegals 

    • BTP208 The Law of Business Enterprises for Paralegals 

    • BTP209 Criminal Law and Procedure 

    • BTP211 Computer Applications for Paralegals 

    • BTP212 Immigration Law 

    • BTP213 Bankruptcy Law 


    • BTC100 Computer Applications and Technologies 

    • BTC/SSD105 Computers and Society 

    • BTC107 Computer Graphics 

    • BTC115 Educational Computing 

    • BTC150 Databases from the PC to the Internet 

    • BTC160 Topics in CIS (To Be Announced) 

    • BTC170 Spreadsheet Applications 

    • BTC171 Database Applications 

    • BTC172 Presentation Graphics 

    • BTC173 Integrated Software Systems 

    • BTC175 Introduction to Desktop Publishing 

    • BTC200 Introduction to Information Systems 

    • BTC270 Data Center Operations: The Basics 

    • BTC275 Data Center Operations: Advanced Topics 

     Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management

    • BTT101 Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality 

    • BTT110 Airline Reservations and Ticketing 

    • BTT111 Airline Reservations Computer Systems 

    • BTT120 Basic Tour Planning 

    • BTT121 Advanced Tour Planning 

    • BTT202 World Travel and Tourism Destinations 

    • BTT203 Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Technology Systems 

    • BTT205 Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Law 

    • BTT212 Customer Service and Sales 

    • BTT221 Travel Agency Operations and Management 

    • BTT222 Special Interest Tourism 

    • BTT223 Meeting and Event Planning 

    • BTT224 Destination Tourism Management 

    • BTT231 Hotel and Lodging Operations and Management 

    • BTT232 Front Office Management 

    • BTN211 Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing 

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