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Then AND Now
In 2011, LaGuardia Community College celebrates 40 years of opening the doors of higher learning to all. By challenging expectations and daring to do more everyday, LAGCC is at the forefront of momentous shifts in the landscape of higher education in the 21st century.


LaGuardia Community College celebrates 40 years of challenging expectactions

LaGuardia’s M-E Link 40th Anniversary Timeline and Poster Exhibit

Students in Humanities Professor Tom Regan’s HUN180 Introduction to Intercultural Communication urban study course attended the opening reception for the latest installment of LaGuardia’s M-E Link 40th Anniversary Poster Exhibit in September, and afterwards viewed the College’s timeline exhibit on display in the E building lobby. Using the 40th anniversary exhibits as a teaching tool, Professor Regan had the students write essays on what they saw and what they learned from the displays. The following quotes are a selection from their classwork.

“…the poster exhibit takes us back in the past. Photos help the students to understand the history of LaGuardia. We can find many pictures of New York’s leaders and supporters. Besides this, the posters demonstrate the real evidence of LaGuardia’s guiding principle: to the doors of higher education to all.” --Ilona Palomeque

“From the exhibit I saw how much the college, the neighborhood and environment have changed over the past forty years.” --Monica Cimini

“Overall, it was nice to learn about LaGuardia’s history and see how far the college went from is establishment back in 1971. The trip was very informative and a great experience for a first day class.” --Kamil Olechowski

“The timeline and poster exhibit in the lobby was great, it was well organized. I feel it’s interesting to see LaGuardia’s background and it’s history…as we can see now, LaGuardia has grown; it’s not the small community it used to be, and it’s still growing. I would like to see LaGuardia become better in another 40 years. ” --Zhenyu Chen