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    While we encourage student growth and independence, we recognize that families play an active and supportive role in helping students make important choices and plan for their future. Applying to college and finding ways to pay for college can be interesting and at times seem like a complicated process. We are here to assist you as you navigate the many opportunities available at the college. We’ll do our best to make this a simple, clear, and exciting process for you and your student.

    Below you will find valuable information and resources to support your student in planning and preparing to attend LaGuardia.

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    Applying to LaGuardia

    During this stage you can support your student by having a discussion about their interests and aspirations and helping them to explore majors that best fit their career goals. As your student applies and enrolls to the college they will need to fill out forms, submit documents, meet deadlines, take tests, and attend events. You can make the process go more smoothly by helping them keep track of dates, prepare for tests, organize files and papers, and provide the gentle reminder about appointments and deadlines.

    Explore Majors
    Explore Careers
    College FAQs
    Support Services
    Academic Calendar
    Student Catalog

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    What to Expect

    Each student is different. Some students adjust quickly, and some take time to adjust to college life. We provide a number of activities and resources to help students acclimate. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in all activities, as they are meant to help ease the transition into college.

    First Year Experience

    Encourage Independence and Responsibility
    • Help students to make their own decisions, learn from their failures, and enjoy their successes

    Be Realistic
    • Beginning a college career can bring with it many academic challenges. Be realistic about your expectations of grades and achievement.
    • Instead of asking about the grades, ask what your student is learning. After all, the goal is learning, not just making the grade. Students want you to feel proud of what they know and what they think.
    • Discuss the student’s new financial responsibilities. Establish limits and guidelines that fit both your needs and encourage responsibility.

    Be Flexible
    • Allow some room for growth as you negotiate changes in what your expectations are with what the student’s expectations and needs are.
    • Understand that college is much more challenging than high school.

    Be Informed
    • Ask questions that show you’re interested, not intrusive.
    • Know the campus resources and encourage the student to take advantage of the services available to them. Student involvement in clubs and organizations is not only a way to find positive ways to “fit in,” it can also facilitate better time management and coping strategies out of necessity. Involved students generally show greater academic success and develop much closer bonds with the college.

    • Are you going to class?
    • Are you studying at least 25 hours per week?
    • Are you reviewing the material in each class weekly?
    • Are you balancing study time with fun time?
    • Do you know when the last day to withdraw from a class is?
    • Are you starting your assignments early?
    • Have you seen your advisor?
    • Have you gone to your professors' office hours?
    • Are you going to need any tutoring?
    • Did you check your My LaGuardia page and email today?

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    Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA)

    As a parent/guardian, you have the right to review your child's education records and to request changes under limited circumstances. To protect your child's privacy, the law generally requires the College to ask for written consent before disclosing your child's personally identifiable information to individuals other than you. Learn more.

  • Safety
    Campus Safety 

    Like you, we care about campus safety, and we work hard to provide a safe, secure environment for our students, faculty and staff.

    Public Safety
    Emergency Guide