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    All accepted students are required to pay a non-refundable $100 Commitment Tuition Deposit. The Commitment Tuition Deposit enables each student to confirm enrollment at a college to which s/he has been offered admission and will be applied to the first semester tuition charges. For the Fall semester, the deposit must be received/postmarked by May 1, the national deadline for accepting offers of admission and financial aid. Students admitted after the May 1st deadline are strongly encouraged to pay the deposit as soon as possible.

    For the Spring semester, the deposit must be received/postmarked by December 15. If you are admitted after December 15, the deposit is due 10 days after the date you received your admission notification.

    Students may have the Commitment Tuition Deposit waived by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $3,000 or less.

    Commitment Deposit Waiver

    Deposit waivers will be considered based on demonstrated financial need. Students that are exempt from paying the deposit (see below) do not need to apply for a commitment deposit waiver. All others should make their request by email to LaVora Desvigne, Director of Admissions at waiver@lagcc.cuny.edu. Requests will be considered if students meet the following requirements:

    • Completed FAFSA on file or compelling reason for not filing
    • Completed admission application by submitting all missing documents to the Admissions Office, and all stops have been removed.
    • Completed ACT placement tests or have posted exemptions

    What to include in your request for a commitment deposit waiver

    1. Email with the subject line: Request for Commitment Deposit Waiver
    2. Include your full name, address, restate your email address, and the last 4 digits of your social security number or student identification number.
    3. A detailed statement explaining why the deposit waiver is being requested (limit your statement to two paragraphs).
    4. A response will be communicated via e-mail within 2 business days of the request.

    Sample Letter

    To: waiver@lagcc.cuny.edu
    From: username@live.lagcc.cuny.edu
    Subject: Request for Commitment Deposit Waiver

    Dear Ms. Desvigne,

    My name is Sally Student, residing at 123 Elm Street, New York, NY 11103. My email address is username@live.lagcc.cuny.edu  and the last four digits of my SSN are 5083. I have taken my placement tests and have submitted all documents to complete my admissions file. I am requesting a waiver for the following reason(s): List reason(s).

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Sally Student


    If you fall under any of the categories listed below, you are exempt from paying the commitment deposit. You do not have to submit a written request for a waiver. The deposit will be waived automatically based on the information on file.

    • Seek/College Discovery
    • ASAP
    • Veterans
    • Readmits
    • Students with Financial Aid Estimated Family Contributions (EFC) of 0-$3000
    • Non-Degree Students 
    • Senior citizens (60 and older)
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