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  • to submit your 2016 Scholarship (including weekends and holidays)

  • Faculty/Staff Scholarship Submissions

    Your 2016 scholarship submission to this database will be used for the following three purposes: CUNY's PMP reporting mandate, the President's Annual Celebration of Faculty & Staff Scholarship event, and the annual Faculty & Staff Notes. For more information on the submission requirements for these initiatives, click on the links below.

    Please Note: "In the Media" submissions will appear in Faculty and Staff Notes and Faculty Scholarship & Creative Activity Collection for CUNY.

    Submit your 2016 scholarship by Monday, February 13, 2017 in order be included in the above acknowledgments.

    SharePoint is best accessed on campus; contact IT for assistance with online submissions from home.

    Faculty & Staff will need to log in with their Windows credentials (i.e. the same username and password that is used to log in to the computers on campus).  For step by step instructions on how to log in click here Scholarship Log in Tutorial.

    Content: Submit your Scholarship


    Submission Requirements

  •  Faculty Scholarship & Creative Activity Collection for CUNY
    Full-time professorial faculty who were active in both the spring and fall of 2016 (i.e. calendar year 2016) are designated as “mandatory” and are required to report, even if it’s just to indicate “No Work to Report.” Full-time professorial faculty who were active one semester, but not both, and other kinds of full-time faculty are not required to report, but may report their scholarship. Please note that the mandatory/optional designations are based on data available from the CUNYfirst system at the time the list was generated.

    Note that our records show that we once again had 100% compliance in terms of "mandated" faculty submissions for 2015.

    The following types of work are to be reported:

    • Book, authored
    • Book, edited
    • Book chapter
    • Book, introduction, preface etc.
    • Conference Presentation - published as proceedings
    • Conference Presentation, other
    • Journal Article, peer-reviewed
    • Journal Article, other
    • Newspaper/Magazine Article
    • Lecture (Invited)
    • Curated an Art Show
    • Exhibited in a Curated Art Show
    • Direction/Choreography/Dramaturgy/Design (dance, theater, film)
    • Performance (music, dance, theater)
    • Music Composition Published/Performed
    • Play Produced/Performed
    • Review/Commentary (including Blogging)
    • Patent
    • Other


     President’s Celebration of Faculty and Staff Scholarship

    The President’s Celebration of Faculty and Staff Scholarship is where the Library has been most involved.  The Library faculty members put everything into MLA citations and also screen out some submissions that reflect self-publishing and non-peer-reviewed items.  Here are some suggestions from Library faculty, as well as suggestions that came out of the Academic Chairs discussions:

    To be included: Scholarship and Creative Activity that is published, performed, or exhibited.

    • Books, book chapters, edited books, book introductions, prefaces, etc.
    • Conference presentations that are published in Proceedings
    • Articles appearing in peer-reviewed journals
    • Newspaper/Magazine article
    • Published Letters to the editor
    • Works of art displayed as part of a curated show
    • Musical, dance, or theater performances
    • Dance or theater performances or film director
    • Choreography or dramaturgy or design for dance, theater or film
    • Music compositions published or performed
    • Plays published or performed
    • Reviews

    Not to be included:

    • Self-publishing in any form. (Examples of book  publishers include: CreateSpace, AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Vantage Press)
    • Theses - A thesis represents an academic requirement for graduation.
    • Print-on-Demand or Print-to-Orders publishers of theses.  These publishers do not require editorial revisions. (Examples of publishers:  VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, Grin.com, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, VCE Verlag Classic Edition, International Book Market Service).
    • LaGuardia in-house publications (Examples: ePortfolio Sampler, Library Notes).  The exception to this category would be In Transit which has been listed in the program for the President’s Publication event in the past, but separately.
    • Publications placed in an institutional repository or similar online space.


     Faculty and Staff Notes

    The Faculty and Staff Notes includes other types of activities which are listed on the LaGuardia website: Faculty & Staff Notes

    The following types of work are to be reported:

    • Books, Articles, and Software
    • Speeches, Papers and Workshops
    • Fellowship, Awards, and Grants
    • Degrees and Certificates Earned
    • Exhibitions, Openings, and Performances
    • Consulting Activities
    • Appointed or Elected Offices
    • Other
  • Need Help? Have Questions? 

    If you have any technical questions or issues regarding your submission in Sharepoint, click here. 

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