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  • Fellowships, Awards, and Grants 2011

    Christine Alvarez and John Hunt  

    jointly accepted the National Council for Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) Exemplary Program Award at their conference in St. Louis for the work of CIET, PCAP and the EMT program (3 ACE programs) on integrated basic skills / ESOL programs for the healthcare field.

    The citation “In recognition of outstanding personal efforts and civic achievements contributing toward improving the quality of life for all in our communities and nation” was presented to David Bimbi by the Office of the Honorable Tom DeGise, Hudson County Executive, State of New Jersey (August 2011).

    Evelyn Burg  

    was awarded a PSC CUNY grant for 2011-2012, for a manuscript in progress, "Kenneth Burke: Nature Form and American Thought."

    Ruhma Choudhury  

    was awarded a Stewart Travel Award in April, 2011. She was also an EDIT award recipient who received a grant for a presentation at AAAL Conference in March, 2011.

    Carrie Connors  

    was awarded a PSC-CUNY Research Grant (Summer 2011).

    Amy Dalsimar and John Hunt  

    were jointly awarded a National Center for Family Literacy and MetLife "Family Literacy – Community College Partnership" grant.

    Monika Ekiert  

    received the Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) Abstract Award awarded by the SLRF organizing committee at the University of Maryland in October 2010. In 2011, she received the William Stewart Travel Award from the CUNY Academy for the Humanities and Sciences and two EDIT grants from LaGuardia.

    The English Language Center  

    (Heather Barikmo, Elizabeth Iannotti, and Victoria Badalamenti) received the Continuing Education Association of New York (CEANY) James C. Hall Jr. Exemplary Program Award in Marketing Plan for their marketing plan titled, "Web Based Marketing at The English Language Center” at the CEANY Annual Conference (November 2011).

    Yasser Hassebo  

    received a NASA-CIPAIR grant, “The LaGuardia, Medgar Evers Atmospheric Research Endeavor”, funded for 2011 (with James Frost and Lawrence Muller); and a DoE-HIS STEM Title-V grant, “The Alliance for Continuous Innovative Learning Environments in STEM” (CILES) for 2011-2016 (with J. Gonzalez and N. Angulo).

    John Hunt  

    was awarded a 5-year grant from the NY State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance for its "Food Stamp and Employment Training Venture II (FSET II)" program to assist English language learner food stamp recipients.

    Reem Jaafar  

    received a PSC-CUNY Grant for her project “Field-Induced Mechanical Oscillations of Magnetic Molecules.” Her application was deemed exemplary and has been published on the CUNY Research Foundation website in the category of Physics Engineering/Traditional B Award.

    Maria Jerskey  

    received a PSC-CUNY Research Award (Traditional B) for her project “Promoting the Writing Self-Efficacy of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse College Students Using Web 2.0 Participatory Platforms.” She was also the recipient of Fall 2011 EDIT Travel Grant.

    Steven Karl  

    was nominated for a Pushcart for "Friends for the Departed (A Requiem for Rector)" by InDigest Magazine and for "Hi" Super Arrow Magazine.

    Magda Kieliszek

    received the Outstanding Continuing Education Instructor award for 2011 from the Continuing Education Association of New York (CEANY) for her work in integrated ESOL and healthcare workforce programs.

    Mitchell A. Levy

    received the NASPA 2011 Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs (SAPAA) Promising Practices Award (with Bernard Polnariev and Laura McGowan).

    Elizabeth Harris McCormick  

    received PSC-CUNY Grant to support her project “Daydream Believers: Female Imagination in Women’s Fin de Siècle Fantastic Fiction (1880-1900).”

    Paula Michelin 

    was awarded the 2011 New York Times ESOL Teacher of the Year. In November 2011, she was the recipient of City Proclamation for outstanding work in the educational field from the Council of the City of New York, and in December 2011, she received a certificate of recognition from CUNY "Salute to Scholars" in honor of outstanding scholarly achievements.

    Karen Miller  

    is the 2011-2012 recipient of a Mellon Faculty Fellowship at the Center for Humanities, Graduate Center, CUNY (2011-2012). She was also the 2010 Residency Research Fellow at the Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies, University of Michigan.

    Gail O. Mellow  

    is the co-principal investigator for a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant of $1.05 million to support the Global Skills for College Completion program which seeks to improve student outcomes in developmental education courses.

    Claudia Moreno Pisano  

    was awarded a PSC-CUNY Research Grant (Summer 2011).

    Natalia Mosina

    received PSC-CUNY 41 Research Award for 2010-2011.

    Yves Ngabonziza  

    was awarded the LaGuardia Community College Foundation research grant used to mentor seven LaGuardia engineering students about the use of computer aided engineering.

    Bernard Polnariev  

    received the NASPA 2011 Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs (SAPAA) Promising Practices Award (with Mitchell Levy and Laura McGowan). In December 2011, Polnariev, Levy, and McGowan received CUNY Salute to Scholars award for the award winning Art of Advisement seminar series.

    Md Zahidur Rahman

    received a "Salute to Scholars" award from Chancellor Matthew Goldstein for outstanding scholarly achievements and contributions to the creation and transmittal of knowledge (2009-2010). He also received a Collaborative NASA Grant (2009-2012) for “Malaria Early Warning and Monitoring System/Health Component Namibia Flood Sensor Web response Vector Borne Disease System Pilot Project” along with L. Roytman.

    Kimberly Ramirez  

    is the 2011 John H. Williams Memorial EDIT Grant recipient. She also received the 2011 William Stewart Travel Award.

    Justin Rogers-Cooper  

    was a 2010-2011 Student Fellow for the Center for Place, Culture and Politics at the CUNY Graduate Center.

    Christopher Schmidt

    was the recipient of an EDIT grant and a PSC-CUNY Research grant to research and revise a chapter on Gertrude Stein from his book manuscript, Waste Matters: Excess and Experimental Poetry.

    Joni Schwartz  

    was the recipient of the following grants: Alexander N. Charters Adult Education Research Grant-in-Aid from Syracuse University; the CUNY Diversity Project Grant; and a LaGuardia Core Competency Benchmark Mini-Grant with a team from the Communication Studies Program – Department of Humanities.

    John F. Shean  

    received an EDIT Professional Development grant for “What Happened to the Late Roman Army?” (Fall 2011-12).

    Lykourgos Vasileiou  

    received a PSC CUNY Research Fellowship for an article in progress, “Christian Answers to Archetypal Questions: O’Connor’s Dialectic with Carl Gustav Jung” (2011-2012).

    Frank Wang 

    along with E. Wilder and D. Hurley, received a National Science Foundation TUES-Type 2 grant, entitled “Numeracy Infusion Course for Higher Education (NICHE): A Project of the CUNY Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Alliance.”

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