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    It can be difficult determining exactly what you want your career to look like. Our Career & Employment Specialist is here to help you develop your goals so that you may create a pathway for career success. Our Career & Employment Specialist provides career counseling and assists students with creating a self-directed job search plan in addition to helping you prepare a resume and cover letter. Students should feel free to raise questions and discuss their future with the Career & Employment Specialist.

    Employment and Career Specialist

    The Career & Employment Specialist works with ASAP students who need assistance with career guidance and placement. He helps students develop career plans based on their interests, abilities, values, and goals. The Career & Employment Specialist also provides students with the opportunity to take a Self Directed Search (SDS) Assessment Inventory to help them better understand the factors that influence their career paths and decisions. The Career & Employment Specialist reviews the results of the SDS with each student.

    Job Placement

    The Career & Employment Specialist helps ASAP students find full-time, part-time, or temporary work, according to each students needs. Most jobs will be based on the student’s major, but in some cases students will find employment in other areas as well.

    Job Application

    The Career & Employment Specialist provides assistance in drafting and editing resumes and cover letters, as well as preparing for job interviews.

    Field Trips

    Each semester, the Career & Employment Specialist organizes field trips related to ASAP students’ career interests and major course work. For example, in Fall 2013, a group of ASAP students visited the headquarters of Sesame Workshop where they received a tour, a presentation about the company, and a head start on potential internship opportunities.


    The Career & Employment Specialist provides workshops in many career-related areas on a regular basis.