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    The College and Career Pathways Institute (CCPI) at LaGuardia Community College aims to share its evidence-based approach to contextualized instructional strategies with education leaders, faculty, advisors, student support and workforce professionals at universities, community based organizations and secondary education settings.

    The Institute grew out of our desire to share the approaches and curriculum frameworks that have made the Bridge to College and Careers Program and the NY-BEST Integrated Training Programs such successful paths forward for our students here at LaGuardia’s Division of Adult and Continuing Education. 

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    In 2006, LaGuardia successfully implemented the Bridge to College and Careers Program, a groundbreaking approach to High School Equivalency preparation that provides an educational and career pathway for adults and out-of-school youth. Students prepare for the HSE exam and develop a plan to successfully transition to postsecondary training and college. Coursework explores topics in healthcare, science or business and develops academic reading, writing and math skills in preparation for college and employment in one of these three areas. This approach is called contextualized instruction.

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    MDRC’s 2013 study found that Bridge Program student success far outpaces that of students learning in “traditional” GED/HSE programs. The study was the first randomized assignment evaluation of a HSE preparation program. Outcomes for both HSE exam pass rates and transition to post-secondary programs exceed the national and local rates and validate the strengths of a rigorous, contextualized basic skills curriculum that incorporates college and career planning activities.

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    LaGuardia began offering integrated healthcare career training programs in 2009. The New York Basic Education and Skills Training (NY-BEST) programs at LaGuardia help underskilled adults  simultaneously develop basic educational and vocational skills to enter or advance in healthcare careers and increase earning potential. NY-BEST programs employ a developmental instructional model in which curriculum is designed and taught collaboratively by an experienced allied health technical instructor and a basic skills educator trained to teach adult learners.

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    Outcomes from the NY-BEST programs demonstrate promising results, when compared to traditional career and technical certification programs.  Students in NY-BEST programs, despite their lower literacy levels at admission, consistently show higher rates of program retention, course completion, and success on high stakes examinations. Read more about NY-Best Program