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    What is contextualized instruction?

    At LaGuardia, contextualized instruction is a sector-focused approach to developmental instruction that uses authentic materials from one career area to build basic skills. To read more about contextualized instruction, download Dolores Perin's “Facilitating Learning through Contextualization”

    What can I expect to learn from a workshop?

    CCPI will help you redesign education and workforce training programs for adults and out-of-school youth to meet the new demands of the education environment. With CCPI’s customizable services, you can learn the fundamentals of contextualized instruction, explore teaching strategies to complement your lesson designs, and work with our coaches to develop your own curriculum.

    How do I start working with CCPI at LaGuardia?

    Contact us with ideas or questions at CCPI@lagcc.cuny.edu or
    718-349-4015. Our starting point is learning about your organization’s needs and goals for professional development so we can personalize the work we do with you.

    Why choose CCPI?

    CCPI trainers are classroom practitioners—with years of experience, working with adults and out-of-school youth—who believe that all students can build a path to a career or college education. CCPI training materials are teacher designed and classroom proven with the goals of boosting both short-term and long-term student outcomes. Read about evidence of student success in our programs

    How will working with CCPI benefit my students?

    CCPI will help you support students’ college and career preparation and basic skills development. Contextualized instruction gives students the opportunity to connect their basic skills development to the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in postsecondary education and careers.

    What are the fees for our workshops and services?

    Workshops and webinar fees are customized for each contract. CCPI will work with your program and professional development budget to maximize the return on your investment.